Week 11

Since we won’t have a weekly update next week I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a restful and wonderful break. May your travels be stress free and your gatherings be glorious.

Julie G., CJ, and the MS students for a wonderful production this weekend!
Anne K. and the MS newspaper staff for their amazing issue.
LS Garden committee and Peter G. for inspiring all of us with their new space.
Mark F. and Robyn R. for their work on the Quaker Self Study.
Everyone doing the “extras” this time of year for others (Manna Pies, Turkeys, food deliveries).
Al for his second TED Talk.

LD Reading for the Week
A great reminder of what it is like for a student that is struggling.

Discussion for the Week
Try out this “game like” practice site.

Check out California’s open resource site.

App of the Week
I have always been a fan of Explain Everything but it appears to have even more features everyday! Here is a blog post about how a teacher uses the app to give feedback to students.


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